wide range of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Scope of Supply includes the following:-



A complete range of Diesel and Gas driven electric generators ranging from 10 Kva to 2000 Kva is available Of European, Japanese and USA origin.



World Renowned and quality hoses from Europe for the service of Chemicals, Petroleum Products, Aviation fuels, LPG, Solvents, Pharmaceuticals, food stuff e.t.c
A wide range of accessories/fittings include Camlock Couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings, Flanges, Rubber expansion joints, Swivels e.t.c



A vast range of Welding equipment from DECA ( Italy ) for the process of Coated electrode arc welding, Spot resistance welding for car bodyworks, Inert gas arc welding with tungsten infusible electrode, Wire feed arc welding under protection shield. DECA scope of supply also includes Battery chargers, Plasma cutting equipment, Welding machine accessories and Battery charger accessories



Top and bottom loading arms to handle virtually every liquid for filling and emptying road and rail tankers.
Marine loading arms supplied in many different variations to meet the exacting needs of the client.


Air Compressors:

We offer a wide range of Air Compressors to meet various needs and special requirements, from high-efficiency, rotary vane models for heavy-duty industrial applications to piston oil-free units for medical use, Screw air compressors with distinctive modular design and friendly operating system, Silent air compressors using the best soundproof steel sheet metal and thick sponge and Dental series of compressors are specially customized to meet the most purified standard of compressed air.



A vast range of valves includes Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Needle Valves, Butterfly Valves, Pressure relief Valves, Back pressure valves, Plug Valves e.t.c in different material of construction. Complete range of Accessories, Actuators and Controls are also available.


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